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Proper Website Design for your local businesses in Toronto! Your website is essentially an ambassador for you and your business online. This is what will be representing you and your business/brand to the world. This is an incredibly important investment and one that can provide incredible ROI if you get it right. When you build your website, you need to make sure to use the right elements. It has to be able to stand out from your competitors. It also needs to be attractive and professional. You should have the ability to attract people to your site and make them want to stay longer.

This means you have to have a clean website design that is easy to read navigate and understand. You also need to have text, images, and videos that are as relevant to your business as possible, to have people stay longer to avoid a high bounce rate.
Call to Action is very important, give your visitors the ability to contact you to ask for more details by having a Contact Form, Phone Number, or a button to ask for a Quote visible right in the fold of your homepage!
There are three important aspects of designing a result-driven business website. The first aspect concerns the text content, the second concerns the visuals, and the third concerns the search engine optimization. In designing a site, the text content should be simple and easy to read. Consumers have short attention spans and they are only able to spend five to ten seconds on a site before moving on. The text content should also be simple and easy to read. Yes, it sounds like that would be common sense, but a lot of websites are not designed to convert, let alone are optimized for Search Engines.

  • We make sure your website is SEO Optimized. This means designed with SEO in mind so that Google can easily search and index its pages and content. We have the latest versions of all of the technologies including HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, and many others. We put the right keywords and meta tags on your site right from the start. Another Web Design Company may include SEO when designing a website, or they Don’t – or they simply don’t know how. This is crucial, what good is a nice-looking website if it’s not optimized for Search Engines? If your website is older, you should update it or have it built from the ground up. Outdated websites will give you less credibility and visitors will not take your business seriously!
  • Mobile-friendly website designs. We build websites to work on all manner of different screen sizes and devices. We create a responsive design for mobile, tablets, and desktops. Google is very particular about Mobile Friendly Websites, it is a Must these days since website searches from mobile devices keep increasing.
  • Improve your Google Page Speed Google has indicated site speed (page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. Speed is now used as a ranking factor for mobile searches. Page speed is also important to user experience, pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates. We build a website that is mobile optimized, for pages to load quickly, it needs to present information in the right manner and it needs to be free of errors. This is all part and parcel of great web design and web development.

How It Works & Our Best Web Design Services!

At MER Digital Marketing, we understand every aspect of great website design, development, and marketing and can build your site in such a way that it will be perfect for expanding and growing your business. Our Web designers create websites that work perfectly, that look beautiful, and that thrive on Google. We make sure all technical aspects are in place that a website needs in 2023 with Google’s new update coming in every month. We build your business website including Search Engine Optimization. We can help you with content writing as well. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry and attract more clients and rankings with quality, branded content. If you need content for your website or blog we can help you “writing for SEO”

“You need to have a website structure that encourages visitors to share your content and follow your social media”

– Jawad Khan

Our Toronto Website Design & Development FAQs

Here are some Questions and FAQs. If you need further assistance it’s best to
Contact Us for more details.

It depends on the size and features of your website. Is it a Corporate Website, an Ecommerce Website, a Database Driven Website/Application, or just a basic Business Website, it can range from $500 to $75.000. It cost more to launch a website than maintain one. We work with each individual business and discuss in detail with you whether you’re looking to launch a brand-new website or redesign your existing site. We always want transparency on both ends and set up a Zoom meeting with you to go over everything that is required to discuss your options.
BTW we include a Free Website Design if you become a monthly SEO client. In this particular case, we need to optimize your new, or existing website for proper and effective SEO. We are affordable with competitive pricing. Please Contact Us for more details.

We are usually finishing a website project within 30 days or less. That also depends on the size and requirements. Do you need us to create your content, get you images, and so on? We look at the work that is involved and we will communicate that with you before we start building your website.

We use WordPress website design to build most websites. Why? It’s easy to customize with themes and plugins, as well as build our own custom themes. WordPress is SEO-friendly, easy to manage, safe and secure, and can handle different media types. You say, well I can do it myself and Yes you can. But without knowing how to structure a website and optimize it for rankings, you will have your work cut out! We know how to structure a website, we have professional themes, and build our own and build websites with the Gutenberg editor for fast-loading sites we use our own Pro Plugins already installed on your website without an extra fee. We also have fast-speed hosting and free SSL. We prefer not to work with Wix or Squarespace. Why? These platforms are difficult for SEO! And Google really struggles to get around these platforms. It would make no sense for us to use them! If you have a Wix or other website design platform, we can definitely convert your website and move it over to WP! Or help you work on your existing platform.