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    We are a full-service established marketing company. We help small businesses expand their online presence and attract their targeted audience. Our SEO agency has proven methods to ensure steady, high-quality organic visits to your website. Through effective digital marketing. With result-driven Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Web Design, Google Business Profile Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Video Marketing. Our digital marketing services include everything you need to get your brand noticed online it is designed to give your brand immense digital exposure. We will give you a customized report in detail, showing you how your web properties perform! And we share the Success Together!

    Full transparency, month-to-month payments (if that applies), no long-term contracts, with a focus on growing your business as a positive ROI investment, NOT an expense!

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    Are you looking to outrank your competition and close more sales? Let’s make your landing page a leading-conversion engine. Your website will be optimized for maximum results.

    We have the expertise and tools to help create your SEO campaign

    We work hard to ensure your business is on its way to success

      our digital strategies offer

      An Effective Digital Marketing Process For Your Business

      This 3 Step Process will give you a higher Return on Investment!

      Every company we work with is unique and therefore create its brand identity and craft a concise and tailored strategy for branding that appeals to the target market. We structure your campaigns in the most efficient way, for your business with a clear goal in mind. We have years of experience in the online marketing field, we’re here to help your company attract more clients and close more sales.

      No two companies are the same, you need a custom approach. We communicate with you and implement only What your business needs to grow.


      Targeted Strategies

      Digital Marketing Strategies

      From powerful lead generation strategies to results driven SEO campaigns, We believe in “our business is your business”. No client falls through the cracks. Because we pay close attention to your results.


      Results Oriented Execution

      It’s your company, your success. Transparent reporting is what we do. It’s provable return on your investment. We provide detailed, consistent reports so you always know where you stand.


      Step by Step Tracking

      MER Digital Marketing Tracking
      services we offer

      We Offer Top Digital Marketing Agency Services in Toronto

      Our digital marketing strategies work. Our digital marketing services are designed to give your brand maximum exposure online. We structure your campaigns in the most efficient way. Data is a vital part of our business and we use it, analyze it, and employ the data in your campaign which delivers results.

      Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, and Google Business Profile are some of the most important channels to focus on. Please see the details below.

      Search Engine Optimization
      (SEO) Content Marketing

      Local SEO is Essential to your online business and an ongoing process. Combined with relevant Link Building, GBP, Citations, Optimized websites, PPC and much more. And done right it will bear fruit! To build a Long Term Asset!

      Google Business Profile
      Optimization Services

      Google is the world’s most popular search engine. I'm sure we can all agree. Having your business featured in the 3 Pack on the first page is where it's at. It is important to set up a GBP for your business, frankly necessary.

      Website Design

      We help local businesses by creating a strong online presence quickly with high quality and relevant content optimized sites, mobile friendly websites that stand out and convert. We add the proper Meta Tags needed right from the start.

      Business Consulting

      It is almost impossible to make strategic decisions without deep knowledge

      Project Management

      It is almost impossible to make strategic decisions without deep knowledge

      Social Media Marketing

      Find your audience on social media and engage with your customers online. Reach more potential clients. Posting consistently, knowing what to post and when to post to attract more likes and engagements. Creating Social media Ads is also a powerful tool.

      Video Marketing

      Effective Video Marketing is Gold. Video is 12x more likely to be watched than text is read… This results in your message being seen by more people and ultimately an increase in conversion for the same time, energy, and budget.

      Email Campaigns

      Keeping in touch with your customers and build a list is very important to keep your brand going and communicate with your audience. You are losing out on potential clients. A lot of businesses don’t do that or just don’t know-how. We do!

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        We Work With Local Businesses national and international and Help You with Effective Online Marketing. That Actually Works. Small to medium-sized businesses. If we can help, we start building right away.

        Digital Marketing FAQs

        Here are some FAQs. If you have more questions it’s best to
        Contact Us for more details.

        How much does Digital Marketing cost?

        Digital marketing pricing and budgets can be influenced by many factors.
        However, depending on your company's size and the extent of your project the average digital marketing budget for small companies
        is between 20,000 and 100,000 annually in 2022.

        What is the cost of marketing a small business?

        We suggest that marketing and advertising costs should be between 7 and 8 percent of your gross revenues if your sales are less than $5,000,000.
        And your net profit margin (after all expenses) is between 10 to 12 percent.

        How much do small businesses spend advertising?

        Small businesses should spend between 7-8% and 8% of their gross revenue marketing, according to agencies and marketing experts.
        A study found that small businesses spend about 3-5% on marketing, which is consistent with the rule.

        What is an acceptable amount of advertising spending?

        The 5% Revenue Rule.You should spend between 2-5% of your sales revenues on marketing. Your annual advertising and marketing budget should not exceed $50,000 if your revenue is $1 million.February 22, 2022.

        How can we trust you and why are you different from other Digital Marketing agencies?

        We are here to help local businesses with their online marketing. We analyze all your web properties and schedule a 30 minute to 40 minute Zoom call with you to give you valuable information on how to take your online business to the next level. On the call we will go over the analytics in detail of your online business and explain to you what we have found and what your business needs to compete with your competition. This is going to be a fun session and an eye opener for you. This is a Free Consultation of your business online. Any question you have, we will discuss with you. We are here to educate you on what your online business needs to take it further.