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Why Email Marketing is Important to your Business?

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Ask any email marketing guru what the most important tool available to businesses is and they will almost always rank email marketing as one of the top strategies a local business can use to increase profits. Why Email Marketing? Well, for starters, it has an incredibly high ROI. That is because it costs barely anything to collect emails or to write emails when compared to other forms of marketing while offering fantastic returns. E-mail marketing is highly targeted meaning that the audience you’re reaching is going to be very engaged and much more likely to buy from you or use your services. You get a dedicated space for your brand and messaging. Your email campaign is an opportunity to let your current and new subscribers know of new products or services you have to offer and let them know about special offers you will be offering them, for instance, a buy one get 1 free coupon. And let them know that you’ll answer their questions and respond to their complaints.

The most important part of an email marketing campaign is the quality of the list. It’s not enough to simply send out emails to any and all email addresses you can find instead you need to focus on capturing the emails of people who perfectly match your target demographic. These are people who are interested in what you have to sell, who have the available funds, and who read emails. Most importantly, these are people with who you have already built a relationship with and who are receptive to your message. Google will also be sending positive signals for every click through your website, which enhances your SEO performance.

Canadian Email Marketing Companies
  • Our Email Marketing Agency in Toronto will help you first of all with the right email form on your website for people to sign up. We connect your form to an Email Autoresponder to Facebook Messenger, Twitter + SMS, and Voice Messaging marketing automation. This is important and needs to be implemented. You can not simply use your Gmail or Hotmail or hosting email accounts to run an Email Campaign. Your email address should be your domain name, like [email protected]. Then we connect that to an autoresponder to make it easier and automated, working 24/7 to help automate your business. You can create a series of emails you write once, schedule, and send automatically to your list. You can track the open click rates (basically a percentage that tells you how many successfully delivered campaigns were opened by subscribers) Get Real-Time Conversion Metrics For Your Campaigns And Automation Workflows. We help you set all of this up and guide you through creating a successful Email or Newsletter campaign!
  • Convert Your Email Audience We help you demonstrate the potential power and effectiveness of email marketing, to reap these benefits we ensure you are approaching your marketing from the right angle and that means understanding the process. We will create custom content and distribute it to the correct audience. This will increase traffic and conversions.

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How Does Our Proven Email Marketing Work?

At MER Digital Marketing, we help your Local Toronto business with your email marketing campaign. We help you collect targeted leads through your email form on your website as well as your social accounts. We then set up an autoresponder for you and help create a series of messages to your list, with offers, information, and services you are currently promoting. Our expertise in email marketing gives you a cutting edge to stay ahead of your competition with properly implemented email marketing campaigns!

“The Money is in the List”.

Email Marketing FAQs
Our Email Marketing Campaign
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Here are some questions and FAQs. If you need further assistance it’s best to
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If the company manages its email campaigns, a mid-sized business could spend anywhere from $90-1,000 monthly on marketing by mail. This can vary depending on which platform is used and how many subscribers are involved. They could spend anywhere from $300 to $500 per month if they sign a contract with an agency.

The monthly cost of email marketing agencies is typical $300 to $500. The base price can rise with increasing email volume or larger contact lists. An average cost of an email marketing agency for large businesses is $2,000 to 12,000 per month.

Yes! Email marketing is profitable and will continue to be so. Because it is a highly effective and powerful tool when used correctly to generate leads and possible sales.

Yes, you do! Once the customer subscribes and opts into your email form, the autoresponder will send a series of messages (which you have set up) automatically to a mailing list, we will also help you set this up. The subscribers would need to agree to allow you to send them email messages and in exchange for this, you would add their names to your subscriber list. Doing this manually from your email hosting account is not recommended or professional. We help you set up an autoresponder that we use, which will make this automated and easier to manage. You can also track your analytics, which is important. Automation will save you time and build relationships with your audience at scale, as well as establish trust and credibility! That’s how you turn subscribers into paying customers with email automation. There is a monthly fee involved to run the software, but it is well worth it for any business!

That’s where we come in we help you how to attract buyers and recurring customers with your email campaign! Also crucial is the quality of the emails themselves. You need to ensure that your messages are getting opened rather than ending up in the trash, and you need to ensure that those messages are delivering value so that your future emails get opened. Most of all, you need effective calls to action when it matters so that you can convert your audience into paying customers. We provide you with templates and help you create your email message that converts. We also hook up the autoresponder with Facebook Messenger, SMSTwitter, and Voicemail where you can add more subscribers to your list and sell to them.

It’s not as expensive as you think. What you need to understand is, if you want to succeed with your online marketing then email marketing is a huge part of it. In the end, it will add more revenue to your account. We don’t have a set fee, as we don’t know what your current email marketing strategy is, but we will look at it free of charge and consult with you, about what we can improve on. If you are all new to this we definitely have a Special for you, that will help you in your business. Please Contact Us to discuss the details and start running your campaigns!