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Videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site. Thus, longer exposure builds trust and signals to search engines that your site has good content. Video is a great marketing tool. According to an analytics source, Google shows far more attention to videos than regular content. In short, videos tend to rank far better on Google. That being said, video is an addition to your Marketing Campaign. Video is the fast track to marketing your own product or service and also the easiest way to brand yourself. If you have just made a fabulous new product, then video is the best way to let people know about it. Videos have the potential to go viral if they are well-made and have the right elements.

The web 2.0 platform has changed the game. Videos are the fastest and most powerful form of advertising you can get. If you have made a video that converts and gets hits, then you will have a powerful marketing tool that will help you brand yourself. You can use videos to brand yourself on many levels, these include on your website, on your blog, in your e-mail signature, and in your social networking profiles. The key thing is to be yourself and relate to your audience. You can say what you want in your videos and make it personal.

It is important that you include all of these aspects in your videos as it will help you to show you are a real person and not a faceless company. People are visual so your videos should have images that relate to you content. so if you are talking about keeping your company up to date, or introducing your new product or services, you should represent yourself like that! Make your videos interesting and entertaining, it’s not about how good your video is it’s about how it relates to your content. If you have good content then your videos will be popular. the key to making quality videos is having a script, having an outline for your videos, and knowing what you want your video to achieve. Having a script will mean you don’t ramble and it will make you more effective as you will be able to stick to your themes. Having an outline will give you a guide for what to say in your videos and it will mean you don’t have to think about what to say. Finally having an intention for your videos will mean you will be more effective.

  • Toronto Video Marketing WE are experts in Video Marketing and know how to take your brand and business to the next level! We help you not just by creating professional videos but also help your business get more leads and sales profits through cutting-edge marketing. Including video distribution, content syndication, and traffic generation.
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  • Types of Video Creations – Stunning Animated Video – Professional Corporate Videos – Interactive Explainer Videos – Optimized Sales Videos – Viral Social Media Videos – Personalized Video Marketing – Text Message Style Videos – Chatbot App
  • Boosting Conversions with Video Marketing Animated video ads are the HIGHEST converting form of ads. They let you LOWER your ad spend while INCREASING your conversions. Traditional marketing messages like text or image ads… even most video ads… are getting ignored. Click rates are dropping, costs are rising. Search Engines and Social Networks have shifted the formula by which it sorts your News Feed to prioritize video over outbound links… You can see this on Facebook, as much as anywhere else.

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At MER Digital Marketing Choose From Any Video Style. Like 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard hand sketch, professional styles, motion graphics, live-action…you name it – we can do it! We use professional software and programs when creating these videos. They look professional and have one purpose, which is to convert. Our years of experience in doing marketing videos will give you an edge. We provide you with a great level of quality, service, features, unlimited revisions, guarantees, and bonuses…for the super affordable prices we offer.

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Educational Videos.
There are Educational Videos. You can teach your audience something new that your product or service offers. You can educate your customers and be an expert in your niche.

Company Culture Video.
What are Company culture videos you may ask and why is it important? It helps you to show your company’s personality. Culture is extremely important for a company and it should be to you. Your values and ethics are also important to your customers. Show off your company’s employees and your special celebrations and events and what better way to show that in a video than just an image?

Product Videos.
Here you can show your product in more detail and even have a hands-on demo. This is great for marketing your product and services. People love to see in more detail how your product or service can help them and ultimately solve their problems.

Testimonial Videos.
Testimonials are very powerful and give your company instant credibility, as you can show real customers leaving a video testimonial about your products and services.

We help you create, curate, and utilize videos to market your products or services. Whether they are for Cause Marketing Video – Relationship Marketing Video – Scarcity Video Marketing, and so on. We know what a local business in terms of video marketing should do and we will go over that with you to discover what the most effective process is!

For one we use YouTube, of course, it’s Google’s little brother, and ranking your videos there on your own channel will help you with your Search Engine Optimization. This is a separate marketing feature we offer, as YouTube involves a lot more expertise if You really want to take it to the next level!
We create all forms of videos that will draw attention to your potential customers, from Animated Videos – Professional Corporate Videos – Interactive Explainer Videos – Optimized Sales Videos – Viral Social Media Videos – Personalized Videos, or Text Message type of video styles to attract attention. We integrate videos with Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing, and so on to give you the maximum exposure.
We love to discuss the details with you personally, as again every business has its own needs and requirements. Please Contact Us